Lease your furniture

Do you want to move into a completely furnished room this spring and be one of our sustainable consumers of furniture in Lund?

From 399 SEK/month we furnish your student room with nice second hand furniture during your entire student life. We deliver to your doorstep and pick up without any extra charges from you. Book your room today!

I want to lease furniture!


Can I exchange a piece of furniture?

We offer the collections as they are. If you would like to replace a piece of furniture you can contact us and we can check if we have something available. We can not guarantee the possibility of replacing furniture.

How are the furniture delivered?

We deliver to your doorstep at a time that we both agree to. Help carrying it into your apartment is available for small one time fee. Your furniture pickup is included in the subscription! Our goal is to deliver the furniture the same day that you get access to your room. However, if there are many who are wishing to have their furniture delivered the same day, your delivery might be a bit delayed!

How do I pay?

Invoices are sent out according to your payment-period plan to your e-mail address and on the invoices all information you need to pay are stated. Transactions can be made to directly to our bank or PayPal account. If you choose to pay through PayPal we will send you invoices where you can pay with you international bank card (observe that transaction fees might incur for currency exchanges).

How long is the lease period?

The minimum lease period we have is at least one semester (5 months). From a semester perspective, this would be until the middle/end of June (depending on program etc.) Our other subscription is for 10 months but is therefore abit cheaper! When you wish to return your furniture you can contact us and we will book a date for a pick up!

What happens if something breaks?

If a piece of furniture breaks we come out and repair/replace it. If the damage is due to normal usage (i.e “wear-and-tear”) this will not cost you anything. See your lease contract for further details about this issue.

What happens when my lease is up?

We collect the furniture at the end of the lease period at a date agreed between us and you. We carry the furniture from your apartment without further costs, provided we have access to them.

What is included?

Included in the price for both subscriptions are a collection of the following furniture types:

  • One 90 cm wide bed with a fitted bed mattress
  • One bookshelf
  • Two wooden chairs
  • One table (desk or small kitchen table depending on availability)
  • One nightstand
  • One armchair
  • Delivery outside of your apartment (added indoor carriage service one time fee of 299:-)
  • Pickup of furniture when you leave

You can add extra services if you wish! We will contact you further to confirm your order. On that notice, know that once your order has been submitted, we will contact you per email with pictures of your collection. If you have special requests, please address them in the “Other requests” field in our form and we will look into it.

Who can lease the furniture?

We are mainly targeting students with our collections which means adjusting our collections to the limited living area of 15-20 square meters. However, we want everybody to have the opportunity to try out our collections and would of course be happy to receive other requests.

I want to lease furniture!