We collect furniture from private households, second hand stores or partners.

The furniture is cleaned and upcycled to fashion collections in different styles.

You pick and customize your subscription and payment period that suits you the best through our webform.

We deliver your furniture to your sidewalk.

Your enjoy your furniture during your stay.

At the end of the subscription we collect all furniture and refresh them for the next customer.

How does it work?



Hemmlis finds most of our furniture through second-hand sources. Some we collect from individuals on second hand platforms online, while other furniture reaches us through partners like Emmaus Fredriksdal. For some collections we purchase specific pieces of furniture from second hand stores or flea markets.

We also receive donations from individuals, contacting us directly through our facebook page or email address. We try to collect furniture in the immediate area around Lund, to decrease environmental impact.



Our first task is always to sanitize incoming furniture with industry proven cleaning methods such as vacuuming, soap washing and steam washing, using environmental friendly products. This is particularly essential for textile furniture, mattresses and beds which we also treat with eco friendly methods. Subsequently we repair and upcycle the furniture when needed, by eg. repainting or repolishing.


The collections

Our collections consist of 5-6 different pieces of furniture, meshed together to create a uniform design concept. At times we even invite our guest designers to the workshop to create exciting eclectic (mixed) design concepts ranging from vintage to modern or even nordic design and rokoko. Our collections are custom made for a student room of about 15-20 square meters and always delivered together as as a whole.


Your order

Our minimum leasing subscriptions starts at one semester (about five months) to a cost of 499:- a month. Our longer standard subscription has a minimum of 10 months and is then changed to ongoing subscription at 399:- a month.

All furniture will be delivered to your home address, and we will provide repairs if the need should arise, as well as pickup of the collection at the end of the term.


The circle is complete

Furniture that have been out will be reintroduced into our circular system where it’s sanitized anew, and refreshed in time for the next subscriber. This way we create an alternative model for furniture consupmtion which we believe will reduce furniture waste and the environmental impact.

To succeed in this, it is crucial for us that our furniture be used responsibly. We put all out faith in that you, our customers help us out in this so that we can continue to offer you neat collections of furniture in the future. This we thank you full-heartedly, on behalf of our planet!