Our concept

Our base collections consists of 6 different pieces of furniture, meshed together to create a uniform design concept suitable for a complete student room around 15-20 square meters. The furniture are delivered together as a part of your subscription.


Can I exchange a piece of furniture?

We offer the collections as they are. If you would like to replace a piece of furniture you can contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your request, however we can not guarantee the possibility of replacing furniture.

How are the furniture delivered?

Delivery to your sidewalk is included in your subscription. We deliver evenings and weekends. Your delivery date will be confirmed by text message (or email) within 24 hours of your order.

Help carrying the furniture into your apartment is available for small one time fee of 499 kr (VAT included).

Our goal is to deliver the furniture the same day that you get access to your room. However, if there are many who are wishing to have their furniture delivered the same day, we reserve ourselves for potential delays. Get your subscription early to ensure a delivery on time!

How do I pay?

We use PayPal to invoice you by e-mail. Your invoice is sent out at the beginning of your subscription on a per-semester basis. You can opt to pay everything at once or split up at your own discretion during your subscription period. After your binding period is up you will be invoiced monthly. Note that transaction fees may apply.

How long is the subscription period?

We offer a subscription with a minimum subscription period (ie. “binding period”) of 5 months, perfect for one semester! Our standard subscription, which is slightly cheaper, requires at least a 10 month subscription.

After your binding period is up your subscription continues on a monthly basis until you want to end or upgrade it.

What happens if something breaks?

If a piece of furniture breaks we take care of repairs or deliver a replacement piece. If the damage is due to normal usage (i.e “wear-and-tear”) this will not cost you anything. Further details are available in the documentation provided with the furniture.

What happens when I want to end my subscription?

When you are done with your furniture simply contact us and we will come and collect the furniture at an agreed upon date. This is included in your subscription!

What is included?

Included in the price for both subscriptions is a to-your-door-delivery, pick up of your furniture and a collection of the following furniture types:

  • One 90 cm wide bed with a mattress pad
  • One bookshelf
  • One chair
  • One table (desk or small kitchen table depending on collection)
  • One nightstand
  • One armchair

You can opt for a wider bed (105 cm) at a slightly increased cost!

Who can subscribe to the service?

Anyone can subscribe to our collections! However, they are a perfect fit for a basic student room (of about 15 to 20 square meters).